My inspiration comes from not only what is trending or on the runway, but also from the environment around me: anything from a colour or pattern to an era or film scene can spark inspiration. It could even be derived from a feeling that I want to express or translate into a look or style.
My styling philosophy can be summarised into two words:
Maximal Minimalism
I believe that less is more in every aspect - a chic, timeless, elegant piece goes a long way. At the same time, I love beautiful prints, intricate embroidery, and delicate embellishments - details that in some way transform an item of clothing into a piece of art. As a maximal minimalist, I aim to coordinate uniquely detailed pieces with complimentary foundation ones (that may also have a subtle twist to them). The end result is a minimalist yet elevated look, with the maximalist item usually as the look's 'statement piece'.
My styling process follows this philosophy. An inspiring and engaging creative concept is first developed in order to create a full fashion story. This is followed by identifying the statement piece for each look - be it an article of clothing, shoes, or an accessory. The whole look is then built around that statement item. It is very important to me that throughout the process, each piece is added carefully and with purpose, and that nothing is added unnecessarily. Every item has to complement the look and channel the mood of the fashion story. 
I also believe that not all trends should be followed, only the ones that enhance the story, person, or brand's aesthetic and identity.
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